måndag 28 mars 2011

New Label And Releases!

New Started Reggae/Dub label with idren Fisherman pon the controls. allready
him fixed homepage and 2 releases check dem out here: www.jahwadada.com

JWR12001 (Produced and mixed by Fischerman P. Fischer)


1. Bunnington Judah – Eyes of Jah

2. Fischerman – Eyes of Dub I

3. Fischerman – Eyes of Dub II


1. Bunnington Judah – Fight Fight

2. Fischerman – Fight Fight Dub I

3. Fischerman – Fight Fight Dub II

JWR07001 (Produced and mixed by Fischerman P. Fischer)


1. Piki – Rise Up


1. Fischerman – Dub Up


söndag 2 januari 2011

Ecu & Solo banton Freestyle!

4/12 Dubkasm/Stryda and the mc Solo banton was in town in session with Meditative sounds. I wasn't there personally but heard it was a fun session found this clip that was recorded outside the venue with the lyrical general ecu and solo banton ina freestyle session

onsdag 3 november 2010

Out now! New 12"!

Out now! New 12"
with King General and Dan I Locks
The first 12" on the Meditative Sounds label features two vocals on the same rhythm, each followed by a dub track.

lördag 23 oktober 2010

New records out now!

Yesterday the records arrived
i have just numbered all for hand and it was missing some records from both releases so they are less then 500 each of these ones.
vinyl colour got a little bit funky this time too, but thats nice all copies look little different from each other..

Produced by: Fischerman
Vocal: Jah Melodie
Titled: Love jah more
Release: MM7-003
MM7-003 SAMPLE by madmac

Produced by: Echo roots
Vocal: Ecu
Titled: Judgement ago tek dem
Release: MM7-004

MM7-004 SAMPLE by madmac

If u interested of buying these releases contact me at: info.madmac(a)gmail.com